Cedarwood (Atlas) Essential Oil - Organic, Therapeutic Grade - 5 ml


Cedarwood (Atlas) Essential Oil - Organic, Therapeutic Grade - 5 ml


Essential Oil Properties:
Botanical Name: Cedrus atlantica
Cultivation: Organic
Origin: Morocco
Parts Used: bark/wood
Note: Middle, woodsy, fresh, balsamic
Color: Pale yellow
Distillation Method: Steam

Cedarwood is one of the oldest essential oils, first extracted by the ancient Egyptians as a main ingredient used during embalming practices and mummification. It was also used extensively as an insecticide, being extremely effective against ticks and mosquitoes. Sacred incense blends often featured Moroccan cedarwood as a main ingredient due to its woodsy and purifying aroma.

The popularity of cedarwood quickly spread throughout the Roman and Greek empires, with many different perfumes, oils, and creams utilizing its unique scent. It’s very aromatically versatile and can be both a masculine and feminine scent depending on what other oils it is blended with. Cedrus atlantica is an excellent antimicrobial oil, particularly great for healing bacterial conditions of the skin, and moving sluggish lymphatic fluids. Cedarwood essential oil is an excellent oil to use for cases of nervous exhaustion and stress, and combines beautifully with lavender and other floral stress-relieving oils, like neroli.

Blends well with:
Rosewood, bergamot, other conifer oils, lavender, neroli, and spicy oils like cinnamon, clove, and cardamom. .

Safety Information:
Dilute to appropriate concentration (1-5%) in a suitable carrier oil. Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes. Patch test skin before application to test skin sensitivity. If any irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use. If pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before use.


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