Palo Santo - Wild-crafted Essential Oil - Therapeutic Grade - 5ml


Palo Santo - Wild-crafted Essential Oil - Therapeutic Grade - 5ml


Essential Oil Properties:Botanical Name: Bursera Graveolens
Cultivation: Wild-harvested
Origin: Ecuador
Parts Used: wood
Note: top note - intense balsamic wood with hint of citrus
Color: Pale yellow to light brown
Distillation Method: Steam


Palo Santo, otherwise known as Holy Wood, is such a special essential oil! It has an uniquely sweet woodsy scent, with balsamic and slight citrus undertones. Palo Santo, like frankincense, is both uplifting and grounding. It's great to diffuse during yoga and meditation. It has potent anti-anxiety and anti-depressant qualities, and has proven useful in studies for the treatment of complex PTSD.

Palo Santo has immuno-stimulating properties, and is very rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals that help to reverse oxidative stress. Its being investigated in cancer research for its healing potential. It's also a powerful anti-inflammatory and is great for relieving muscular aches and joint pains.

Above all, Palo Santo is a spiritual oil. It has been used by South American shamans during purification and journey work for thousands and thousands of years. It helps to elevate consciousness and clear away negative thoughts and patterns like no other essential oil.

This oil is sustainably wild-harvested by using only wood from branches that have naturally fallen to the ground. It is a very high quality distillation that captures the many different aromatic components of this sacred plant.

Blends Well With
Citrus, florals, other woodsy and coniferous oils, and spice oils.

Safety Information:

Dilute to appropriate concentration (1-5%) in a suitable carrier oil. Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes. Patch test skin before application to test skin sensitivity. If any irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use. If pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before use.


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