Cypress Shave Oil (60ml)


Cypress Shave Oil (60ml)


Our Shave Oil will revolutionize your shaving experience! Shave oil allows the razor to be lubricated just enough, without creating a thick barrier between the skin and blade like traditional foaming shaving soaps, so that you get the closest shave of your life. The razor will glide over your skin pain-free and smoothly, with just a small amount. of product.

Cypress Shave Oil contains the most supremely moisturizing and high quality skin soothing oils available, such as organic meadowfoam, rosehip seed, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, jojoba, and vitamin e oils. We’ve also added Seabuckthorn C02 extract, a very special Mediterranean oil made from the berries of this plant, which has amazing healing and skin repairing qualities. It is traditionally used to treat damaged skin, burns, and abrasions. The inclusion of organic meadowfoam and rosehip seed oil will help calm the inevitable irritated skin that occurs during routine shaving. Lastly, the inclusion of Australian blue cypress essential oil gives this product its wonderful woodsy and smoky scent.

Directions for use:
Apply a small amount of product to face, smooth over desired area for shave, and rinse razor often.

100% organic and vegan ingredients!

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