Heal. Indulge. Transcend.

We believe that healing is always possible, when one has the right tools to accomplish this goal. We formulate our products to have optimal therapeutic potential, utilizing layers of botanical ingredients to provide a synergistic and broad-spectrum end result. Rather than having a single focus, all of our products are formulated with respect for the mind-body connection.


Our philosophy

We love to be playful with our product formulation, but we take healing seriously. We are tedious in our sourcing of ingredients, seeking out the finest in quality. All of our products are vegan and cruelty-free. We are firmly against any and all animal testing in the beauty and cosmetic industry. We do not use any petroleum-based ingredients, parabens, phthalate, SLS, or other non-plant ingredients.


Local connections

We source organic and sustainably wild-crafted botanical ingredients and support independent farmers, suppliers, and distillers whenever possible. For products such as our Hydrosols collection, we feature flowers and plants that we grow in our garden or wild-crafted ourselves and distilled in small batches.


Global inspirations

Having been trained in many schools of herbal medicine, we take our inspiration from around the world. From our cherry blossom-inspired Springtime in Kyoto collection, to the Pacific Northwest forest-inspired Yuletide collection, we celebrate the Earth and its peoples in all forms.