Iris's Rainbow Aromatherapy Spray (80ml)


Iris's Rainbow Aromatherapy Spray (80ml)


Iris's Rainbow Aromatherapy Spray (60ml) - to help with grief, balance chakras, promote joy

In your hands you now hold all of the colors of the rainbow. We’ve bottled 8 different essential oils, ranging from rose to pink grapefruit, representing each color of the rainbow and chakra (the reputed Hindu energy centers of the body) into this wonderful aromatherapy spray. We’ve also added a bit of frankincense for balance and grounding. The best part: it smells like the crisp, clean air after a heavy summer thunderstorm.

Our special formula has been created with profoundly healing anti-depressant and anti-anxiety essential oils for whenever you need a little help holding onto hope and believing in the beauty of the world around you. Spray liberally and see the rainbow within yourself!

Description of the Oils:

Frankincense- The deep resinous musk of frankincense helps to calm even the most overstimulated mind and body. It is an oil that helps one to find balance and grounding in turbulent situations and times, making it the perfect oil for helping individuals grow their roots, reaffirm focus on their bodily needs and facilitate the manifestation of health, as such, frankincense corresponds to the muladhara or root chakra and interestingly the crown chakra as it is also a highly spiritual and euphoric oil, too. It helps us to transcend consciousness, strip away the shackles of harmful and self-defeating thoughts and rise above all.

Rose- With its heady floral bouquet and sensual aroma, rose is an amazing oil to help open up the sacral and heart chakra. The sacral chakra is associated with family, sexuality, passion and creativity. Rose essential oil helps to open up this chakra by helping to balance sexual and creative dysfunction. It is a particularly powerful spiritual oil and also opens the heart, helping to shed stubborn layers of grief, loss, and bitterness. Therapeutically, rose essential oil is amazing to combat both anxiety and depression and their related symptoms.

Lemongrass- Lemongrass has a distinct, super bright and joyful scent, so it comes as no surprise that lemongrass is a great oil for depression.  It makes for a wonderful top note in a complexly layered aromatherapeutic blend. It also corresponds to the solar plexus, with its bright yellow strength, allowing us to feel our power rising in our chests and the self-confidence to put all of our grand plans into action!

Green myrtle- Green myrtle is one of our very favorite oils for combating depression; with its verdant and slightly camphorous arom, green myrtlet helps to lift the cloud of heaviness and lethargy that depression often cloaks over our minds and body. It allows us to open our hearts, fill them to the brim and resolve deep-seated loss and grief. It is associated with the heart chakra.

German chamomile- Is often associated with the throat chakra with its ability to soothe sore throats and wounded hearts. It is an excellent oil for calming down overworked and anxious bodies and minds.

Lavender- Ah lavender, the queen mother of calm, with her complexly floral crisp sweetness. Lavender is the oil for soothing anxiety, panic, and stress. It corresponds to the 6th chakra, or the third eye, helping us see our way through difficult situations with a poised calmness and clarity.

Plus, we've added sweet orange and pink grapefruit essential oils, corresponding to the heart chakra and the sacral chakras, add more brightness, sweetness, and joy to this already amazingly complex and therapeutic blend! 

Mist Iris’s Rainbow Spray in front of your face and body, step into it and breathe deeply. Let it envelope you and instill in you a tiny spark of hope and light. Do not spray directly in face or eyes.


100% organic and vegan ingredients!

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