Towards the Within - Aromatherapy Smudge Spray (80ml)


Towards the Within - Aromatherapy Smudge Spray (80ml)


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Come along for a euphoric, metaphysical, and transcendental journey with our Towards the Within Smudge Spray. For eons, shamans, medicine men, priestesses, and wise women have been using the sacred smoke of various herbs, essences, and resins to heighten their connection to the spiritual realm and honor Mother Nature in all of her glory. Join us for a trip around the world, a fragrant multicultural glimpse into the various traditions that have harnessed the power of aroma to forge a path towards higher consciousness. Our Towards the Within Spray combines the deep, exotic woodsy scent of South American Palo Santo, the resinous honeyed musk of Eygptian frankincense, clean and crisp cedar and pine, lemon sugar of litsea cubeba, delicious deep vanilla peru basalm, with the unmistakable power of sage. We think you will agree that this is no ordinary smudge spray! Spray it throughout your house when you feel the need to cleanse yourself and your home of negative energy or simply during meditation practices or yoga to reach a higher level of inner peace. 


Spray generously during a smudging ritual or before yoga and meditation. Avoid contact with face and eyes. Do not spray directly on skin.

100% organic and vegan ingredients!

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