13 Moons Incense Blend (.4 oz) palo santo, amber, mugwort, cedar, and frankincense and myrrh


13 Moons Incense Blend (.4 oz) palo santo, amber, mugwort, cedar, and frankincense and myrrh


13 Moons Incense blend is an incredibly energetically protective and powerful incense blend. It combines wild-harvested mugwort, Palo Santo, real Russian fossilized amber resin (this is NOT the fake perfumey stuff), cedar leaves, frankincense, and myrrh resins into a loose incense blend that you can burn over charcoal. Two high quality Japanese bamboo charcoals are included. Please make sure to burn your incense in a designated incense bowl or heat-safe vessel with salt or sand on the bottom to absorb the heat. Never leave lit incense unattended or near small children or pets. Use in a well-ventilated space.

Description of Herbs:

  • Mugwort is a potent herb used during smudging rituals to drive out negativity and to increase prophecy, divination, and psychic dreams and visions.
  • Palo Santo is one of the most revered trees of South America. The wood is only sustainably harvested from dead trees that fall to the forest floor, which are then collected as wood chips/sticks or distilled to produce one of the most sacred and consciousness-elevating and reaffirming essential oils . Palo Santo has been used in shamanistic and healing rituals for thousands of years. It is an instantaneously grounding yet uplifting scent.
  • Fossilized amber resin is the million year old sap of pine (Siberian pine, in this blend) trees . It was one of the first incenses ever burned and used by ancient humans during ceremonial rituals. Amber is associated with the sun and when burned is said to restore brightness and happiness to one's life.
  • Frankincense has been burned as a purifying, meditative, and mood elevating incense for thousands of years. It first traces back to the Middle East, in Oman, and from there spread to Egypt, where it was burned in temples as a tribute to the sun god, Ra. The use of frankincense then spread to ancient Rome and Greece, where it was seen as cure for almost every ailment, from leprosy to mental disorders, and its use became firmly ritualized for almost all sacred rites. It is still burned today in churches and religious services all over the world.
  • Myrrh compliments frankincense perfectly. Everyone knows the story of the Three Wise Men who brought baby Jesus the gift of frankincense and myrrh. It may be a strange gift to us now, but frankincense and myrrh were at that time more valuable than gold and seen as the holiest of offerings. When combined frankincense and myrrh are healing, rejuvenating to the body, spirit and mind, and increase meditative focus.
  • Cedar has been used extensively by Native American tribes as a purifying smoke during ceremonial rites. The cedar tree is said to hold powerful protective plant spirits who drive away evil from the mind and the body. It brings good energy and blessings your way and is said to instill strength and courage.

13 Moons is an intensely euphoric and transcendental incense blend. Burn it during your own sacred rituals and ceremonies, at the full and new moons, during smudging ceremonies, or whenever you are in the need of protection, personal strength, grounding, or an elevation of your spirit. It has a deep woodsy scent, with a slight hint of citrus and sweetness. It's something special!!

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