Pumpkin Patch - Skin Care Gift Set - Sugar Scrub, Body Butter, Bath Salts, Perfume Oil, Facial Mask


Pumpkin Patch - Skin Care Gift Set - Sugar Scrub, Body Butter, Bath Salts, Perfume Oil, Facial Mask


This Pumpkin Patch Skincare set includes a selection of 5 items from our newest Halloween line, with a nice little discount. It's the perfect assortment for the most spooktacular at-home spa and indulgent pampering night. It also makes the perfect gift for those who appreciate the darker side to life!

Included in the set is:

Pumpkin Spice Whipped Pumpkin Body Butter: (4 oz)
A decadently rich whipped body butter, made from highly nutritive organic pumpkin and shea butters, and the highest quality essential oils, Pumpkin Spice Body Soufflé will moisturize and repair even the dullest and driest of skin. Like a warm pumpkin pie, our Pumpkin Spice Body Soufflé contains notes of warm vanilla, nutmeg, clove, and ginger. Rich in vitamins A, C, E, and F, antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory and calming essential oils, and then whipped to the lightest meringue texture, Pumpkin Spice Body Soufflé is always a treat. This is one of our best-selling products and is back for a limited period of time. It always sells out, so make sure that you get it while you can!

Samhain's Sister Perfume Oil: (10 ml)
We tried to capture all of the scents swirling in the air on the most magical of holidays, Hallowe’en. It will invoke memories of all of those years spent trick-or-treating, as you inhaled the crisp autumn air in excited glee thinking about the night’s adventures.

Samhain’s Sister is a delightful melding of rich coffee and cacao, smoky vetiver, and the unmistakable resin of real distilled fossilized amber essential oils. This is a complex perfume- it smells different on every person based on individual chemistry and has various stages of dry down. It will keep the memory of your favorite holiday alive long after it has passed!

Dead Sea Sea Mud Mask: (2 oz)
Our Dead Sea Mud Mask with lavender and calendula is an amazing mask for all skin types, from sensitive, dry, to irritated and aceneic.
Israeli Dead Sea mud is no ordinary mud- it contains high levels of dozens of nutrients and minerals, including sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium that are readily absorbed by the skin on your face and body. It has been specially filtered and purified for skin safety, and is the very same Dead Sea mud used worldwide at expensive spas and retreats. Our Dead Sea Mud Mask helps to restore moisture to tired and dull skin by increasing cellular circulation, unclogs pores and helps to diminish the appearance of larger pores, calms redness and inflammation with its unique botanical CO2 extracts of organic calendula, lavender and algae extracts, which are renowned skin soothing ingredients, and also tones and firms sagging skin. Dead Sea Mud is extremely rich in magnesium; it can be applied to areas of your body where you are experiencing arthritic/or joint aches to provide relief of inflammation and pain. Clinical studies have also shown that Dead Sea mud is also helpful in decreasing psoriasis and other skin irritations, especially when combined with anti-inflammatory and skin healing herbs like lavender and calendula, as in our unique Dead Sea Mud Mask.

After using our Dead Sea Mud Mask, your face will feel firmer, more supple, and deep cleansed! The scent of lavender essential oil in our Dead Sea Mud Mask is highly relaxing too.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Emulsified Brown Sugar Scrub: (9 oz)
Our Pumpkin Spice Latte Emulsified Brown Sugar Scrub does it all! It lathers up into a rich foam to cleanse skin, contains vegan brown sugars and Himalayan pink salt to gently exfoliate skin by removing dull and dry layers, and moisturizes with extremely vitamin-rich pumpkin butter.

It smells EXACTLY like a Pumpkin Spice Latte with notes of pumpkin spice, i.e., clove, ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla, and rich black coffee. The organic coffee absolute helps to improve circulation, moving sluggish fluid build-up in the skin which can increase the appearance of cellulite, and helps to tone skin. Plus, the small amounts of caffeine contained in our Pumpkin Spice Latte Emulsified Brown Sugar Scrub help to wake you up in a hurry on those mornings when you are really dragging it. It is an amazing autumnal treat!

This sugar scrub is different from our other Rose + Cacao, Matcha Green Tea + Sandalwood, and Lemonade Vegan Sugar Scrubs in that it is emulsified, meaning that it contains emulsifying wax, so that the scrub has a nice thick and rich consistency, and washes off completely clean without any residue whatsoever.

Black Lava Ritual Bath Soak:
Our Black Lava Ritual Bath Soak is truly a decadent soaking experience. It is the perfect esoteric fragrance made from traditionally protective herbs and trees with notes of moist earth, deep woods, and a slight hint of fruity citrus. For those of you who find the beauty in the darkness of the night, you will be enraptured by the scent of our Black Lava Ritual Bath Soak. If you like patchouli and Palo Santo-scented products, you are going to adore this!

Black Lava Ritual Bath Soak contains a witchy brew of yarrow, Palo Santo, dark, double-distilled, and aged patchouli, and pink grapefruit. Yarrow, otherwise known as the death flower and devil's nettle, was traditionally used to wash away negativity; additionally, yarrow is an excellent herb for soothing irritated and itchy skin. Patchouli, with its rich scent of earth, is an incredibly grounding aroma. In folk magic, patchouli is used to attract prosperity and abundance; it also has skin benefits, helping to heal eczema and irritated skin and is extremely great for relieving stress. Palo Santo, translates to Holy Wood, is a South American sacred tree. It is energetically cleansing and healing- it helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and is also very helpful in treating nervous and immune system disorders. Pink Grapefruit is an uplifting and energizing essential oil; emotionally, it helps to enhance self-esteem and personal empowerment. When combined, this powerful blend of organic essential oils will help you to make your self-care an important ritual in itself.

The mineral-rich and detoxifying blend of Dead Sea salt, highly detoxifying Hawaiian black lava salts, and Epsom salts will soothe tired minds and bodies. Use our Ritual Bath Soak before your own sacred and secret rituals, when you need an extra boost of protection, focus, or simply to envelop yourself in its dark and grounding aroma. Take a nice soak on the full and new moons and reclaim the magic and sense of personal power in your life

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