Witch's Brew Aromatheray Room Mist (120ml)- halloween, aromatherapy, vegan, room purifier and air freshener


Witch's Brew Aromatheray Room Mist (120ml)- halloween, aromatherapy, vegan, room purifier and air freshener


Most people are familiar with the classic Witch's Brew scent, popular with candle companies during the Halloween season. It has a dark, spicy, slightly woodsy scent that is instantly recognizable and a favorite of so many people. For me, it is the pinnacle of Halloween and autumnal scents!

We've created an aromatherapeutic version of the classic Witch's Brew scent, with notes of deep dark woods, spicy and invigorating cinnamon, resinous frankincense, and the scent of cold dark earth. It's truly spooktacular! The difference between our Room Mists and commercial air fresheners and fragrances is that our Room Mists not only smell freaking amazing but they are also therapeutic and help to positively affect your mood, mind, and purify the air of pathogens due to their disinfectant qualities. Synthesized fragrances that have been created in a lab somewhere may smell great, but they are aromatically dead. You get absolutely no positive psychological or physiological benefits from them!

Now you get the best of both worlds- a dark, gothy, and spooky Witch's Brew scent perfect for Halloween (and all year round) that helps to uplift your mood and purify the air!

Our Witch's Brew comes in a large, reusable, or recyclable 4 oz brushed aluminum atomizer. Spray with abandon but do not spray directly on your skin, pets, or children.

100% vegan and organic ingredients!

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