Tsubaki Healing Oil (30ml) - for hair, skin, and body


Tsubaki Healing Oil (30ml) - for hair, skin, and body


Springtime in Kyoto Collection
Our Springtime in Kyoto skincare line uses traditional Japanese and Asian beauty ingredients, including cherry (sakura) blossoms jasmine green tea, matcha (high quality green tea powder used during tea ceremonies), rice flour, adzuki beans, as well as precious Asian essential oils, like sandalwood, yuzu and agarwood. We take care to not only create amazingly luxurious beauty and wellness products that are highly effective and fragrant, but ones that also tell a story and set a mood with their essence. Imagine yourself strolling underneath the sakura trees lining the streets of the old city of Kyoto, with all of the sights, sounds, and fragrances taking you to a magical place.


Tsubaki Healing Oil
Tsubaki or camellia oil has been a Japanese beauty staple for hundreds of years, traditionally used as a hair, face, and body oil by geishas. The oil, pressed from the seeds ofbeautiful camellia flowers, is extremely rich in omega fatty acids and vitamins. It’s one of the most luxurious skincare ingredients available. We’ve combined infused jasmine green tea, where jasmine flowers are harvested to scent the green tea leaves as it is drying, into camellia oil for amazing therapeutic results.

Green tea helps to restore glow to dull skin like nothing else and is even protective against free radical damage, especially skin damage that has been caused by exposure to UV radiation.  Our Tsubaki Healing Oil also contains other skin nourishing oils like jojoba, argan, and apricot kernel, bamboo and algae extracts, as well as a blend of essential oils that are particularly effective against signs of aging and skin damage, while also evoking an exotic and floral scent.

You can use it as an anti-aging and highly moisturizing facial oil, a strengthening, hair growth stimulating, and glossy finish hair oil, or as a body oil to heal stubborn dry or delicate skin. It is especially great for healing skin getting too much sun!

Drop a few drops into your palms, and then massage onto hair, face, or body for amazing moisturization!

100% vegan and organic ingredients!

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