Yuzu+ Matcha Green Tea Body Butter (120ml)


Yuzu+ Matcha Green Tea Body Butter (120ml)

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Springtime in Kyoto Collection
Our Springtime in Kyoto skincare line uses traditional Japanese and Asian beauty ingredients, including cherry (sakura) blossoms jasmine green tea, matcha (high quality green tea powder used during tea ceremonies), rice flour, adzuki beans, as well as precious Asian essential oils, like sandalwood, yuzu and agarwood. We take care to not only create amazingly luxurious beauty and wellness products that are highly effective and fragrant, but ones that also tell a story and set a mood with their essence. Imagine yourself strolling underneath the sakura trees lining the streets of the old city of Kyoto, with all of the sights, sounds, and fragrances taking you to a magical place.

Yuzu+ Matcha Green Tea Body Butter
Our Yuzu + Matcha Green Tea Body Butter is simply divine. We’ve infused organic green tea into immensely hydrating shea butter, added other highly nourishing oils like coconut, apricot kernel, jojoba, and sunflower oils, and whipped it all up to the lightest and fluffiest texture. We add an additional pinch of organic matcha(the highest quality green tea powder that is used during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies) and scented it with cold-pressed yuzu essential from a farm in the southern island of Shikoku. The result is a body butter that is full of antioxidants, skin soothing and tightening properties, that deeply moisturizes your skin. The scent is light, fresh, and fruity. It’s the perfect skincare renewal after those long winter months!



Massage a small amount onto desired area. For best results, use immediately after a shower to lock in moisture.


Melt Warning: In hot months and climates, the body butter may soften or melt slightly. Place it into a cool place or the refrigerator and it will resolidify.

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